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Always Paws is Dedicated to Jack and Dazzle

The owner is profoundly hearing impaired and is assisted by, Morris, a Certified Hearing Assistance Dog from Dogs For Better Lives. Dazzle came into our lives, my husband, Jack, and mine, on September 8, 2001. Jack, who was also profoundly hearing impaired, adored Dazzle and Dazzle adored Jack. Jack passed away a year before Dazzle did. Dazzle lived to be a little over 15 years old and went over the rainbow bridge 11-14-2014. Jack and Dazzle live on in my heart and my mind.

Morris, my second Certified Hearing Assistance Dog from Dogs For Better Lives, came into my life on May 16, 2016. The trainer brought him to my home and we enjoyed a full week of training. Our trainer, Laura, was so good that we didn’t want her to leave. 

Although it should have been a happy occasion to have Morris in my life, May 16th was also the day (a different year) that Jack was hospitalized in the ICU. After ten days in the ICU, Jack never came home. During the time he was in the ICU, Dazzle lay on the floor next to his hospital bed and I sat in a chair nearby. Nurses would come and happily walk Dazzle for me, so that I didn’t have to leave Jack by himself. About five days into this terrible ordeal, the nurses began saying that Dazzle was losing weight and he needed to be checked by his veterinarian. I brought him right away. The vet said that Dazzle was grieving. (I’m crying as I write this. I want you to know the severe impact all this has had on me and our precious, dog, Dazzle. To this day, I am still grieving. Only now, I grieve both my darling husband and my SweetieBoy, Dazzle. The pain never stops.

Jack and Dazzle Playing “Chipmunk”!