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See our Miniature lifelike realistic Kittens, Cats, Breathing Puppies, Dogs and Horses. They are animals you CAN own. These miniature cats and miniature dogs are our solution for renters who have a “No Pets Allowed” policy.

Lifelike Miniature Ponies and Horse Miniatures

Visit our WILD ANIMAL COLLECTION that includes many animals including foxes, moose, giraffes, wildlife, zoo, jungle, Safari, farm and ranch animals.

View our ART COLLECTION for home decorating ideas. It includes 3-D illusion artwork that includes dogs, tigers, pandas, giraffes, horses, owls and more. Be sure to see our great selection of Cowboys and Western Art Prints as well as Native Americans with Animals Art.

Own a pet rescue shelter, miniature zoo or animal menagerie in the comfort of your own home.

If you or a loved one are suffering from memory-related issues, our miniature animals may help you feel a kinship with our animal miniatures. Maybe you can experience comfort from them. For people suffering from memory-related issues, the realistic feel of these animal replicas may be a great comfort. They may possibly remind you of much loved pets. They can be for Missing Trips to the Zoo, have Memories of going on a Safari or having been to a Dude Ranch.

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